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Calling for her friend's assistance was one thing but the events that transpired next were nothing Lila could have predicted. Sure, she had begged her friend to punch him, but the last thing she thought would happen was that Serena would actually dig through her purse for her oversized mess of house keys, and level a hard-punch, keys and all, against the moron who had been hassling her. The version of events that she expected involved some swift intervention on Eduardo's part and then celebratory bacon cheeseburgers afterward. Instead, Lila lowered the feathers and watched slack-jawed as the man stumbled to the ground. Realizing that this was reality and not a fictionalized version of events playing out in her mind, Lila's eyes widened as she grasped that Serena was coming toward her at a clip, pushing her on and telling her to drive.

Keys still in hand, thankfully not yet having lost her grip on them, Lila threw her purse and costume in the general direction of the passenger seat as she slid into her Ford Fiesta, music blaring as the engine came to life. "Here, hold my feathers," she said, using her now freed hands to buckle herself in and push the shifter into drive. Destination? Anywhere but here. She pulled out into the road before daring to look over at her friend, finally turning down the music so she could hear her. "Are you okay? How's your hand?"

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