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Name/age: Ashleigh / Immortal ( mundy years around 25)
Role/connection: Cinderella / Sheriff's assistant
pb: Meaghan Waller

Name/age: Brock Pierce / 42 at his first death , Immortal
Role/connection: Highlander/ Her Man
PB: Johnny Depp


The petite blonde rushed in the door, hoping Bigby was't in yet. Who was she kidding he was always on time and she , she was always late. Or making it in the nick of time, by the hair of her chiny chin chin etcetera. She had her right shoe in one hand , and her jacket in the other, her hair falling out of her hair clip causing tendrils framing her face. She dropped her bag and her coat and removed her other shoe as she went to the direction of the coffee pot. He hated it when she didn't have the coffee waiting for him. The young blonde not only wanted to just be safe from his wrath but more so to please him. That's all she ever wants to do . Make him happy. After all they share a profound bond since he saved her 'once upon a time' so long ago. She was so focused she didn't notice if he was in or not. Her fingers were crossed mentally. She needed at least three cuppa joes herself, the day she was already having. But that was Ashleigh for you.


It had been a long a*s day. He needed a drink , a shower, some grub and not to forget a ********n cigarette . And his girl. Where was Doll face anyways? She should be back by now. Another fifteen minutes and he'd forgo the shower food and drink and go search for her. He took out a smoke and let it dangle from his lips as he lit it and took a few puffs and then took it out of his mouth between his first two fingers and began to pace a little then plopped down in the nearest chair and put his still clad booted feet up on the table and crossed them at the ankles . Another long drag of his smoke , puffing a few times , dangling from his lips.
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