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That video is breathtaking!! Love the parallels of the two...stunningly done!

I am very disappointed in the storyline direction as well. I do think things changed when Julie cast him in her new show. I do hope they keep him alive just in case the new show doesn't work, that is the only way I see him returning, is if cordon gets cancelled mid-seaon. Otherwise I hold out no hope of seeing Kai since I think it would be too confusing to see him on two different shows on the same network playing two different characters. Plus jp really does hate Bonkai and I think she will do everything in her power to keep those two separate and unfortunately she holds all the power. It is ridiculous that she would not want to capitalize on Kat and Chris chemistry! The foundation was there and the opportunity for a complicated story dynamic would have practically written itself. These two were the best part of this season for me. I'm sad their story is coming to such a premature end!!
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