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Everyone see this yet?

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Originally Posted by Frust-sheep (View Post)
In my opinion so, so true!
The whole season the writers gave clues for a other storyline for them, at least it feels like that for me. And so many things got no closure till now (for example: Bonnie does not know, that Kai made the spell and helped Jeremy, so that Bonnie could come back from least I saw nothing that she knows that) and I really, really doubt the last epi of this season will change that.
Anyway now I just hope, that the writers will not kill Kai off and that we see him again in season 7.

And a HELLO to everyone here.
Please can someone add me to the shipperlist, too.

I'm really quite sad about this whole thing. JP has made it clear that she hates the ship and I feel like she only dropped Kai's redemption arc so she could put a stop to it. There have been so many things this season that were pointing to a different outcome than Kai reverting back to his pre-merge self and now those episodes after the merge kind of feel like a waste to me. In addition, the ship's popularity is growing and the chemistry is so strong and I find it baffling that they refuse to capitalize on it when they're already losing two major ships.

And it kills me that Bonnie will probably never know what Kai did on her birthday.

I don't know if I want Kai to survive. I have a feeling he will and I would love that, but I kind of think that if Kai comes back next season, they'll suddenly make him redeemable and give him a new, random love interest or whatever. But regardless, I'm not watching anymore anyway.
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