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Originally Posted by Telepath (View Post)
Kol would definitely be team Klaus (when all is said and done... I know Davina/Klaus feud exists but I think he'd come back vampire and he'd either influence Davina or break it up.) And God I hope Nate comes back. I got really tired of the subpar version they magicked into TO. I was almost happy he died (and I sorta, kinda like Kolvina) because I was hoping for Nate to return. He has five times the presence of the alternative (whatever his name is.)
Daniel Sharman is so cute and could pass off as Morgan's younger brother to me it's funny that they were co-stars before. I'm disappointed in what they did to Kaleb since for personal/shallow reasons I wanted Sharman to stick around, but I was getting annoyed at people actually saying they preferred him as Kol and hoped he kept the role, so in the end I was glad he died, just sad that they didn't try anything with the real Kaleb.
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