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Originally Posted by Telepath (View Post)
I dunno, we'll see I guess. If they go the way of Klaus making some kind of super heroic grand self-sacrifice I can see it being forgotten quicker. Otherwise I'm leaning towards yeah at least 5 episodes, maybe half a season and possibly... possibly it will even stretch for an entire season and use the resolution for the season finale. That would be impressive for the writers of this show, though. I think it depends on if the real Kol comes back. If he doesn't then they will probably feel they can't afford to keep Klaus and Elijah apart if they're to serve Klaus' bromance quota.

Oh and just for your information I'm not being combative in the least in this thread, I'm just speculating.
Possible. Shows do tend to avoid going even slightly future-fiction unless the setting is conductive, though. However TO and TVD universe is so messed up they'll probably just ignore how there could be any problem with it.
Even with Kol back I'm not sure it'll last long, but if it does, we might just get cheapened with the time jump until they make amends. I may be doubting how long the feud will last, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't mind it, because it'd certainly be interesting to see. And as for Kol, who they keep torturing/teasing us with, if he really comes back, the question is who will he side with, and I personally think he's closer with Klaus than Elijah.
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