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Originally Posted by meen (View Post)
I tried to sleep it off too but it didn't help one bit either

and i agree with your post except Cami.. but after killing Gia i can't her getting into a relationship with Klaus..I just can't

Freya being terrified of Dahlia makes me want to hug her and wrap her in the invisible cloak
I could give you a whole list of reasons why Camille and Klaus can't work and a lot of them are in pro of Camille, but I won't do that here . I will say this:

Klaus has no regard for life. He doesn't care about innocent lives lost. He just slaughtered an entire ally full of innocent people and didn't blink. He compelled an innocent vampire to commit suicide for no particular reason other than to be cruel to his brother because Dahlia wasn't insisting on him doing that. So Camille being human and having an "affinity" for helping broken people...being around Klaus breaks her. The writers are smoking crack if they think pairing them up is a good idea. I don't like the excuse of "oh she can change him and make him a better person" because that's such a terrible reason for someone to be with another. Klaus should always and forever (pun intended ) be with his family and not be in a romantic relationship. It's just completely terrifying if the writers try to claim Camille as a "strong female" and then slap her together with a monster like him.
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