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Sleep didn't improve my feelings on this episode...

Klaus - Was laughing hard at most everything you did in the episode. I like when you're super shady planner, but really could have done without VampChick dying and Camille still living. I mean if you were gonna kill anyone...just saying. Also I'm guessing after Dahlia told you how much she loved Esther that's when you knew Freya's blood would never work thus forcing you to team up with Dahlia in a super secret plan - my brilliant little sociopath .

Elijah - Honestly don't remember much from you aside from a random smooch with VampChick and then screaming when she died . I feel your pain cause she might have just been a friend with benefits, but she was your friend. I kinda hope you nut punch Klaus for that one.

Rebekah - Cool seeing you go all witchy and not be completely useless in that regard (though could have gone a lifetime without you claiming Klaus fancies older women), but so damn happy when I saw next weeks promo...I really needed that since I'm still on the fence with Kol possibly being brought back.

Hayley -

Jackson - Why you still alive?!

VampChick - Why you dead?!

Davina - I love you and think you're all types of awesome, but not gonna lie - really dumb of these witches to pick her to represent them. Not long ago she was all about the destruction of them and even if she doesn't bow down to the vampires she's still helping them. Also, you know, she's still in freaking high school. I love how she will be super powerful, but you mean to tell me a teenager had more of a right to the thrown than some mature witch?

Vincent - I really like you. Pal around with Davina and sass it up cause you're awesome dude .

Dahlia - Pretty rad confrontation with Freya. I'm so here for more badass bitches, but I hope you don't seriously think Klaus doesn't have some ulterior motive.

Freya - My precious little monkey I hope you're the one to kill Dahlia. The fear in your eyes every time she gets near you ...I need you to fight her and overcome that fear. Mar...tin? Oh! Right, Marcel - Proving how memorable you are once again.

Camille - Ugh! No words to accurately describe how so freaking annoying you are. So enjoy these gifs of how you being alive while actual compelling characters keep dying makes me feel...

That is all.
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