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Originally Posted by sasijaha (View Post)
Honestly, after this many years it would serve no purpose . Plus, for all we know, she could have made things right with the owner ages ago (although Neal was the one who actually stole the car)...

Judging from Emma's conversation with Regina about the car in "Darkness at the Edge of Town", I rather doubt very much that Emma had made things right with the owner. Neal originally stole the car from the owners. Emma stole the car from him. Both are guilty. And Emma is still guilty of possession of a stolen vehicle. She's still a thief. And as long as she remains in possession of that car, she will always be a thief. Even if she cannot return the car to the original owner, she can still turn it in to the Portland police. But she won't, because she still believes that she hasn't really done anything wrong. And this is going to remain a problem with me till the end of the series or when she hands the car over to the cops.
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