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Hi Ron, great to see you posting

I loved this episode and I really like Chilli which I honestly didn't think I would. I like her laid back attitude. I'm kind of hoping she sticks around as it's nice to have a third girl.

Dawson's heroic moment wasn't as eyerolling as I thought it was going to be. Mainly because she didn't disobey any orders . You could tell that she was genuinely scared on the ledge but just wanted to help the guy. She's kind of grown on me the last few episodes. Ever since they split her and Matt up and I'm not just watching them fight constantly. I really hope the writers don't ruin her for me again once they reunite. I do feel like her journey from candidate to full fledged firefighter is a complete paralell of season one Mills though

The Rice storyline is shaping up nicely. I wonder if there's going to be a twist where it turns out he's not a ducker.

What's the deal with the blonde stripper? At first I thought she'd just hook up with Matt but now I feel there's more to that storyline.

Any SVU fans? Was the flashback of Liv footage from an actual SVU episode? Was it the same case?

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