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I think I'm officially giving up my Damon fan card. After having some difficulty with him from season 3 to 5 I was glad to see it looked like he was maturing in season 6. It looked like he was starting to care about other things beside Elena. His growth wasn't being tied to her like it was in the earlier seasons. It was coming from him being a better brother and friend. From the synopsis I had a feeling he might also consider being human and I was curious to see how it would play out. But this guy has had zero character development in over a century. He wanted to be a vampire for Katherine because of how insecure he was and wanting her love. And now he's just as insecure by deciding to become human just to be with Elena. This guy needs to learn to love himself and stop placing his self-worth on whether a doppelganger loves him. It's unhealthy and quite pathetic. It would be interesting if he turned human just to have Elena end up leaving and then he's stuck being miserable just the way he was when he turned. He can come full circle and maybe then he'll finally grow up. But I doubt that would happen.

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I wonder how Damon can survive being all the vulnerable human. He wouldn't last a day.
My exact thoughts. He would hate it so I'm glad to see Stefan trying to knock some sense into him in the promo.
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