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Finally I was able to re-watch the episode Found it practically as boring as the previous one, very repetitive in dynamics and dialogues So glad the whole switch-off storyline is over bc I wouldn’t have stood Caroline like this one more episode, totally waste of time to me, they really didn’t know what to do with her character after her mother died, so they followed the easy way Same for the Ascendant thing, my god, if Lily repeats one more time “My family here” “My family there” I’m going to mute her And let’s use for the 1000000th time the twist “Human!Elena would love Stefan again or stay with Damon?” since this cure thing isn’t repetitive and forced enough per se, like they hadn’t given the answer to that question 2-3 times already
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Jolaric: they’re cute, but Alaric’s potential has been SOOOOOO wasted this season it hurts me, they cannot make him just the “future husband and daddy” type, he was so much more as an hunter too

I miss the point in showing him changing the T-shirt but I guess JP thought we had to see some abs in this episode too, how sweet of her! Useless as always, not a surprise

Steroline: felt very sorry for Stefan in this switched-off phase when it comes to their relationship, he did so much for her, but still, I think this whole thing has been completely unnecessary for them, even more bc they deserved the “perfect” first time together and I don’t think they got it

Caroline: so, a female switched-off vampire is kidnapped and tortured to switch her emotions back on by her BF and his brother and her friend to the point she has hallucinations/dreams of her mother emotionally blackmailing her… geez, where have I already seen a thing like this, I’m wondering? So glad this is all over, waste of 3 episodes as far as I’m concerned, they handled everything badly, Candice’s act was forgettable, more a parody to me than actual skills, not to mention that they recycled everything from Elena’s switch-off arc, even the frames at this point, so whatever Wish I could say I feel bad for Liz’s letter and Caroline not be able to read it, but I don’t, seems her most concern in this whole thing is to have ruined her chances with Stefan, no character development in this, so whatever…

Caroline/Elena: again, it amazed me how they copied the two SLs basically and still hinted Elena was as bad as Caroline: her whole speech was really pathetic, considering Elena isn’t her, she wasn’t there to give her a moral speech like Caroline always does, because she knows she’s no better than her; mocking Elena was even worse but hey, guess it’s a crime to desire a normal cute life for Caroline But I’m sure everything will be forgotten and the writers doesn’t even care, they didn’t make Elena fight back, like Caroline was right in everything she said, she will be forgiven immediately

Bonnie: my god, never found her so annoying and irritating! Cry me a river, Bon Bon, build a bridge and move on for good, may I remind her 1)none had forced her to sacrifice herself for the others, she did it out her own free will, she could have said just “No”, doesn’t seem to me she has problems with it anyway; 2)everyone has been tortured, murdered, threatened in this show, difference is they never wasted 2-3 episodes complaining all the time and playing the victim like they’re the only ones to suffer; 3)none is forcing her to stay in MF or Whitmore, she doesn’t want troubles? Move to California, do me this favour! Oh, and I’d like to know where this incredible knowledge of the vamp-witches come from that makes her so sure they’re worst-to-be-handled than the Originals or Silas and that they will come after HER? Don’t recall her doing anything bad to Lily (unlike Damon, which makes me 100% sure Elena will be the target ) to unleash the vamp-witches’ revenge Not to remind her that if they’re strong again it’s probably thanks to the gratis dinner, aka Kai, she has given them

Bamon: so he uses and hurts her and she bitches and mocks and hurts him… wow, and they dare to call each other “friends” Very forced relationship to me, and it’s showing every episode more, I find ridiculous Bonnie pretends to know him after 4 months forced together out of something everyone knows since season4, while for the rest she shows no understanding nor sympathy, basically she agrees and cares for him only when he acts like she wants Damon going to her only to ask favours speaks volumes too, no need to comment it

Lily: don’t like her attitude towards her children, she seemed to be more happy to see Enzo than Stefan and Damon I get they make her think about a part of her life she wants to forget, but it hurts how they destroyed all my ideas of brothers/mother scenes Need more information about her relationship with the vamp-witches, wondering if it’s just loyalty or something more to make her care so much, but I find her repetitive lines about “family” very boring Annie is very good though, she’s making me appreciating Lily’s scenes so much, even when I don’t want to

Enzo: boring as usual, but he made me laugh a couple of times, I appreciate his line to Lily about the fact she has a family in MF and she should focus on that And I liked her tender side of him going to her when she called him

Stefan: next time take a “acting lesson”, my dear, it was so obvious your emotions were on I’m surprised Caroline hadn’t noticed it sooner I loved how he fought for her to the point he was hurt by her several times

Elena: sweetheart, bit of an advice: next time just read that damn letter instead of putting it in the hands of someone who clearly was about to destroy it anyway I liked how much she wanted to help Caroline in switching her emotions back on though Still too sidelined for my tastes, but at this point I just find it pathetic, I won’t waste my time on this

Damon: great performance of Ian in the emotional scenes, very good Maybe next time learn to hide things better, not to piss mommy-dearest and not to keep secrets, and everything will go well

The trio initial scene: I need more of this, miss them interacting so much, it’s a pity they don’t do it again so much anymore Really liked the scene where they planned how to fool Caroline, very good script for the dialogues and the acting was perfect

Delena: this whole cure thing would have been even nice and very good for characters’ development, but at this point it’s only rushed (Delena would really take the cure without another one? So rushly?), forced (they need to get rid of Elena somehow) and bad-written That be said, I love them planning a human future together, very sweet, Elena saying again having a life with him is enough to be a vampire forever (but still her missing human life makes her a deep complex character )… and the final scene, I melt when Damon decided to be human with her, such a character development, he wants to be with her, whatever their nature is
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