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I quote some previous comments, VERY VERY VERY boring episode They bit off more than they could chew, half of these things not even interesting as far as I’m concerned but occupied 75% of the episode, not to mention too many forced dialogues and coincidences that, to me, show just a lack of creativity


-Caroline/Stefan/Steroline: so Stefan’s switch-off lasted from Christmas to Saint Stefan Day, WOW! I’d really like to get the reason of it bc I’m missing it, seems to me they only wanted him free of restrain and morals to make love with Caroline at this point Same for Caroline, seriously, I hope she’ll get her emotions back next episode bc I can’t stand her anymore, she has no agenda, no depth in this, she acts out boredom and even thinks to be funny. Wondering if she’ll ever learnt anything from this, doubt that… I hoped for dark!Steroline from this, I got nothing, waste of SL to me

-Enzo/Sarah: WOW, so Enzo met the mother in 1903 and was turned by her and 50 years later he “accidentally” met the son. The world is really little, I’m amazed Or I guess they had to link Enzo to the main characters again towards Lily and Sarah or we’d wonder why he’s still here The flashbacks were ok when it comes to their style, very dark in some points I even felt sorry for human!Enzo rejected from the ship, poor one But for the rest… still miss the point why I should care about this SL or Sarah Her discover of vampirism is forced and not well-handled, her reactions make no sense, as much as Enzo being taken prisoner by her


-Matt: sorry, but this is getting ridiculous He has a problem with supernatural? Fine by me, he can take a car and move away for good. None of his friends wanted to be a vampire, a werewolf, a witch, none wanted this for themselves or for him. And yet he shows no sympathy, he just judges and basically call them “monsters”, surely not people worth his love… but hey, who cares? It’s not that Elena died and became a vampire to save him, right? It’s not like that refusing her blood at the hospital could have led to his death and Tyler’s transition once again What a good friend you’re, Matty! And here we have another example of bad-writing, what a coincidence he say this once again when Elena is having doubts about vampirism after 2 years of no sign of it! Look at the coincidences of life!

-The vamp-witches thing: heard that? It’s the sound of writers scratching the pot’s bottom of their creativity Seriously?!? That’s the best they can do?!? They had psycho!Kai who could have been a perfect villain but they didn’t use him, instead they suddenly have to create a new hybrid race for no reason apparently beside the first “shock” of the revelation The gang killed and defeated the Originals many times, and now I’m supposed to believe they could have problem to defeat a bunch of thirsty witches?!?


-Tyler: standing ovation for him to have stood up against Caroline’s bull****, maybe next time he’ll be luckier and not stake his friend for mistake

-Lily: she surely won’t compete as “Mother of the Year” (in this show none ever does, beside Liz… who is dead ) and I was expecting her to have a dark side and not being a positive character, but I’m in love with her and how Annie portray her, she’s so good And her interactions with Damon have been both funny (the car scene, when she texted the message for Elena and wanted to start with “My dearest Elena…” ) and heart-breaking (when she told him she wasn’t coming back for him or Stefan ), hope she’ll stick around

Defan: babies Lily was literally a tool, Damon’s words brought Stefan back, he’s his humanity, like in season3, I’m so happy And I know it’s not a good thing to lie, but I think he did the right thing sugarcoating the reality of Lily to his baby brother, there will be time for him to find out the truth, but they needed to bring him back at any cost This episode proved the brothers need only each other to be a family in the end, their parents sucked, they’re each other family for real

Damon: I really liked his character in this episode, how his main focus was his brother, how he faced the disappointment in his mother and still stayed strong for Stefan, it must have hurt so much

Elena: so basically she had the right idea again, to make Lily even lie to Stefan to bring him back at any costs… talking about her being useless Regardless the moment (the cure being so close to her coincidentally right now ) and her future in this show, I get why she may feel nostalgic of humanity (I think they all are sometimes) and about having babies, she has always been a motherly type and one thing is to choose not have kids, another is not to be able beside your will (like for Bekah ), so I think they gave her depth as a character to make her still wanting a bit of normality and humanity But I find a lot bit forced two things:

1)her saying she’s not shocked of the mess around her bc she did the same in switch-off. Excuse me?!? Surely she wasn’t a sweetheart, but I don’t recall an entire hospital full of her victims nor her hurting people out of boredom: she killed once, drank 4-5 times on-screen (maybe few more off-screen, ok), so this was just un-necessary by her, guess writers wanted her to feel guilty and disgusted by herself bc apparently she can’t stand vampirism anymore

2) this sudden dislike of vampirism by Elena. I could have understood it in season4, maybe even season5, but not now. She spent 2 seasons showing how she deal with it right now, learnt to enjoy it, but suddenly (always bc there is a cure coming shortly) she doesn’t stand it and feels ashamed?!? I could have understood it if they had introduced it just after 6x02 bc with her amnesia she couldn’t remember Damon being a huge part of her acceptation of vampirism, but making it come up right now, out of nowhere, with people like Matt bitching at her for being a vampire is just bad-writing to me

Delena: regardless the problems I have with Elena’s character’s way to be written in this episode and the push for this cure (), I enjoyed their scenes very much, I like they talk like a healthy couple and face intimate problems like her desire to be a mother not to be possible First scene was cute and sexy, his embarrassment to have breakfast with her mother making questions was funny Love when he said Elena is the only one who never abandoned him, reminder of how much she loves him Last scene was just perfection, love the bittersweetness of it
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