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Originally Posted by Ghost.Of.You (View Post)
Right? It baffles me, especially with a show like The Inbetweeners, there was 0 chance of the humour in that show transferring properly in a re-make, and they proved that within 10 minutes of it starting Play originals!!
Right! They Need to come up with good shows on their own and if they do, give them a chance and not cancel them if the ratings aren't a huge hit from the get go.

I reckon he's gonna be a lot more stressed now a lot is coming to light about how he behaved with our Medical Team. So badly that they have all resigned - and the season isn't even over That was truly horrible behaviour, and I can't believe all the Medical Staff have resigned and gone, they have been there for YEARS, this is horrible!
I was so baffled last night. Mueller-Wohlfahrt has been there since forever and for him to step down, something huge must have happened. To blame the medical team for the loss in Porto is just wrong, the medical team weren't on the pitch and how are the medical team to blame for individual faults? I don't get it.

Like they haven't enough going on already

I'm tempted to try reading the books, since the books tend to be better - but I don't know if I should. What's your opinion on them?
I like the books, but the show is a more condensed version, which is at times a good thing. George RR Martin has a tendency to write long winded, so the books are good, but tthey have their lengths

I saw him make those comments, too. I didn't think it would be so fast though, it seems to have just erupted and he's going. I'm sure it won't take him long to find a new club, too. I will miss his comical antics and press conference replies, though
I read a comment today, someone mentioned that if Pep were to be let go in Bayern, he could go to BVB and Klopp could go to Bayern... I'm sure that would go over well - not

There's also speculation he might end up in England.

Oh, that may be true, it would be good for him to work with new people. I guess we'll see what he does, but if he were to leave the same time Klopp goes, he's going to be a hated man in Dortmund, which I would not like to see.
I just hope a decision will be reached before the end of the season, they don't need extra stuff to deal with in preparation for the new season.

I mean, that was typical Neuer, but he needs to remember how big he is; because I swear he forgets Some of these challenges he has come off 10x worse because his opponents - compared to him - are often small, so they fold in half at some of his challenges They need to just let him play in midfield for a game ever few months to calm him down or something

But yes, I was glad when my stream gave out at half-time, it was physically painful to watch that performance from them, I can't remember a game being that bad in ages Just hope they can turn it around now... though it seems atm we're just adding to the injured list
Agreed on all counts. I'm not a Bayern fan, but as a football fan in general it was painful to watch, especially if you know how good they can be.
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