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episode was kind of boring. as much as i love S/C, seeing them locked up all episode wasnt that interesting. even with torturing matt and tyler.

i also adore matt but his whole "vampires suck!" attitude has been so irritating. its just non stop and never ending. why don't you leave then matt? if you feel that way? but it was nice seeing tyler again.

SO HAPPY STEFAN GOT HIS HUMANITY BACK. i do like dark!stefan but we've had our fair share of it and now i just want him and caroline to be their normal happy selves. so yeah, waiting for when stefan gets caro's humanity back.

the mom doesnt interest me very much but she's alright. i just sincerely hope she doesnt turn out to be bad.

enzo continues to be the most boring part of the show. i still don't know what they are doing with him and why we should care.

i love alaric/jo and i hope they stick around next season.
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