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Originally Posted by Ghost.Of.You (View Post)
Someone has probably made one somewhere
Not sure if I want to find it though

Yes, it's very much an English thing. The US tried to make it and it flopped, much to the amusement of everyone here who ripped it to shreds.
I really don't know why they always have to remake good movies/shows... it just goes beyond wrong most of the time

That's so true, especially if someone isn't confident on penalties, to come up against Neuer must be terrifying.
It must be the worst thing

That was so priceless!!
At first I thought I was seeing things I was like 'there's no way he's sitting there like that'

I didn't even get past season 1
Guess I'll flail over it on my own

Ugh, life, always throwing lemons!
Tell me about it
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