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Originally Posted by Princess Serenity (View Post)

But Caroline isn't the others, just because Stefan and Elena were a certain way they can't expect everyone else to be that way too, if Caroline was killing and causing trouble then I would understand, but again, she wasn't doing anything. The least he could do was wait to see how she would behave.

She's only killing bc Stefan made her. Meh, she'll get a freepass like everyone else.
Well they couldn't guarantee that she would have been okay since she already fed from Liam which is something out of the ordinary for her. I think most people think it's better to deal with grief instead of avoiding because in the long run it won't change anything. If they let her be it may have been worse because she would have to deal with the grief plus bad things she did. They were just trying to avoid the risk of the second one.

Stefan didn't force her. She has the killer instincts and she chose to give in so I can see her feeling guilty. It will all depend on the plot in the end. Stefan's guilt for being a bad friend was prolonged because they needed it. So I can see them making her feeling guilt or shame to create issues with SC.
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