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Originally Posted by ERICA28 (View Post)
It's time for Bonnie to start caring about Bonnie first. This Bonnie fan is just proud and loving her getting some pay back for a change!
I don't mean anything by it. I was just trying to be funny, I swear.

I'm really happy that Bonnie is finally having some real screen time. I hated that she was trapped in the prison world because there was only so much they could show of her. It's about time we have a good Bonnie storyline.

And I don't want her to go back to her old self. I like bad ass Bonnie.

I agree that the writers will probably focus on her pain for the rest of the season. Getting revenge on Kai isn't going to fix her instantly. That's not how life works. She has a lot more to deal with, I think, but that's going to make for some really excellent Bonnie moments to come.

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