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Originally Posted by Glader|4|Life (View Post)
I guess I was the only one who didn't feel in the least bit sad for Kai I hope he is gone for good.

DE scenes.. really blech.. not enjoyable. I preferred last week when they didn't share a scene.

Damon and his mom... very interesting. CAN NOT WAIT FOR STEFAN/MOM/DAMON SCENES!!

SC were funny... I am not a very big fan of this No!Humanity storyline for them, but I enjoy Candice and Paul's chemistry a lot and I like the no @#*ts to give attitudes that they have.

Loving Bonnie more and more
The beginning had me cracking up. It's not too often that TV really makes me laugh out loud, but i was dying watching what first went down with Stefan and Caroline.

I'm definitely bored with DE lately. Just not exciting anymore.

I think it might actually be a crime to hate Bonnie.
I don't think they'd just kill Kai off like that though. At the least, those vampires would have to keep him around to stay alive. Seems like a harsh way to live out the rest of your life. I think no matter how much Bonnie hated someone, she couldn't allow him to go on forever living like that. That's pretty harsh. And really, that makes her no better than Kai. Two wrongs don't make a right. I don't think she would have gone that far if she knew what she was really doing to him.
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