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Originally Posted by Princess Serenity (View Post)

Um, Stefan was a jerk for telling Caroline he would look for a way to bring Damon and Bonnie back and then ditching her for months with no explanation and later dumping his newly turned vampire girlfriend on her, not for wanting to escape his grief or flipping the switch for that matter, if he didn't do that Sarah would die. I also don't think Tri ever said anything about Caroline being a good friend for pestering him. And Stefan and Elena both running from their grief was one of the things that made Caroline think "why can't I do it too?" If anything Stefan should understand what she's going through right now and let her be since she wasn't hurting anyone until he pressured her because he needed to play hero.
I'm not saying he wasn't a jerk just that I find it odd when we have similar situations but they're judged completely differently. I'm just talking in general and not any specific comments made here. For instance people are judging Caroline for her Sarah plan even though her humanity is flipped but they free passed the other vamps. Fandom is just annoying me this week. Ignore me. And Stefan wasn't trying to play hero. He knows that what she is doing is unhealthy and she's delaying the inevitable grief which is why he wants her to flip it

Caroline isn't killing anyone but she was feeding from Liam and that is something that she has shown disapproval of when Tyler and Elena did it. She may have been planning to stick to bloodbags after that Liam incident but we can't say for sure.

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