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Originally Posted by Rapunzel (View Post)
Michelle is right. We need to stay on topic

Speaking of, I read the theory that Klaus would have totes supported Caroline over the no humanity thing. He would have let her be for a year instead on buggering her to turn it on. Thoughts?

Ugh, idk, I think I agree. She really wasn't doing anything dangerous until they pushed her and Klaus never really tried to force her to do anything she didn't want to, so I can see him respecting her wish to turn it off for a year and even believe that she needs to experience this. On the other hand, her humanity was always something he admired in her, so I could also see him trying to bring her back.

Originally Posted by ElenaBelle (View Post)
^ I read that Klaus would join her without needing to flip his humanity which would make him the self-less one. Stefan is such a jerk for needing to flip it instead of just letting Caroline be. But Caroline was just being a good friend when she was pestering Stefan in the beginning of the season I'm sorry but I don't get how two characters can do the same thing but the one is wrong and the other is right. I try to judge them equally.
Um, Stefan was a jerk for telling Caroline he would look for a way to bring Damon and Bonnie back and then ditching her for months with no explanation and later dumping his newly turned vampire girlfriend on her, not for wanting to escape his grief or flipping the switch for that matter, if he didn't do that Sarah would die. I also don't think Tri ever said anything about Caroline being a good friend for pestering him. And Stefan and Elena both running from their grief was one of the things that made Caroline think "why can't I do it too?" If anything Stefan should understand what she's going through right now and let her be since she wasn't hurting anyone until he pressured her because he needed to play hero.

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