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Hello, Caro! I'm Alex, and welcome to the How I Met Your Mother board! It's a pleasure to meet you! Thanks for introducing yourself!

You're up to season three? Well I'm sorry you had to be spoiled on Tumblr I'm glad you decided to join us. My favorite episode so far is still Okay, Awesome. I hope you enjoy posting here. If you want your name to be added to the supporters/shippers list of any of our threads, just let us know!

Originally Posted by Scarlet's Walk (View Post)
Hey everybody

Name: Caro
Birthday: August 12th
Age: 30
Location: Mexico
Interests: Movies, TV shows and music
Favorite episode: I still don't know cause I haven't watched them all
Favorite character: Ted. And Marshall. And Barney. And...I kinda love them all tbh
Favorite ship: Swarkles (Barney & Robin)
Anything else: I'm newbie to this fandom, I started to watch the show this year and fell in love with the characters...I'm up to S3 and I've also seen S8 plus some S9 epsiodes. Even though I know all about the finale (thanks tumblr lol) I'm excited to finish the whole show (also kinda scared, ngl).
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