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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
Thanks for the new thread Betty. I'll always believe that Ephram and Amy were the most perfectly realized and depicted couple on a television show ever.
I agree. I've never found better and I never will. Ephram/Amy is IT. Their story was so well done and the chemistry between the actors was once in a lifetime. Greg/Emily had such a natural, convincing chemistry together. It was like you were checking in on old friends (who were together) while viewing their extraordinary chemistry. It felt so real, like you were there with them. Two instances for me where I feel like I am actually "with" the characters... Everwood and Harry Potter. Both Rowling and Berlanti had a way of taking you to the characters, almost like you were sitting with them watching all their experiences unfold. It was magical and all due to brilliant, creative writing.

The best thing about Ephram/Amy is no one, not even for a second, doubted whether they'd end up together. Their story was so strong you knew they were destined to be together. It was so refreshing to know this while watching their story play out.
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