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Here is some info: Dakota will host SNL Feb 28
Dakota Johnson to host 'SNL' Feb. 28 |

Fifty Shades of Grey is the weekend’s dominant movie. It earned the number one spot at the box office over the three-day weekend with $81.7 million—over $45 million more than Kingsman: The Secret Service, which took the number two spot with $35.6 million.

Erotic drama Fifty Shades likely got some help from Valentine’s Day crowds, and a lot of help from fans of the book series who’ve been waiting to see Anastasia and Christian on the big screen. Those factors came together to help the film reach a few milestones: According to Rentrak, Fifty Shades had the second biggest Februrary debut ever (first place belongs to 2004’s The Passion of the Christ, which debuted with $83.9 million). And it takes the crown for biggest Valentine’s Day debut, beating out Valentine’s Day’s $56.3 million in 2010.
'Fifty Shades of Grey' dominates weekend box office: $81.7M |

The hype surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey catapulted the film to an $81 million opening weekend in the United States, making it the biggest opening ever for a female director.

The film made an additional $158 million overseas, placing Fifty Shades at $239.6 million worldwide.

Fifty Shades of Grey easily beat other book-to-film domestic openings. Divergent made $54 million and Twilight made $69 million, but Fifty Shades didn’t come close to The Hunger Games’ $152 million.

The fact that Fifty Shades beat Twilight is particularly interesting because the erotic story was originally a fan-fiction following Edward and Bella.

Fifty Shades of Grey is the second highest grossing February film in U.S. history. Passion of the Christ still holds the #1 position with the $83 million it made in 2004.

Expect the film’s box office total to take another step up after Monday thanks to the President’s Day holiday.

Given the movie’s impressive box office, it’s safe to assume that at least one sequel, which would be based on E.L. James’ Fifty Shades Darker, will be going forward. Actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are signed on for three films in total should the studio choose to continue with the franchise.
'Fifty Shades of Grey' opening weekend box office: $81 million


The highly-anticipated big-screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey scored one of the biggest R-rated debuts ever this weekend, while Kingsman: The Secret Service was strong in second place.

Fifty Shades was even more impressive at the international box office, where it opened to a stunning $158 million. For full overseas coverage, check out this weekend's Around-the-World Roundup.

The domestic box office Top 12 earned an estimated $196 million, which makes this the biggest weekend ever in February.

Playing at 3,646 theaters—the widest opening ever for an R-rated movie—Fifty Shades of Grey scored an estimated $81.7 million over the three-day weekend. That ranks second all-time in the month of February behind The Passion of the Christ; among R-rated movies, it ranks fifth behind The Matrix Reloaded, American Sniper, The Hangover Part II and The Passion.

Fifty Shades also opened noticeably higher than the first Twilight movie, which took in $69.6 million in its first weekend back in 2008. Adjusting for ticket price inflation, it looks like the two movies had roughly the same initial attendance.

The movie's impressive debut doesn't come as a total surprise: as Universal readily pointed out in recent advertisements, the book upon which its based has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, which makes this a true literary phenomenon. Still, there was always a risk that those who read the book in private wouldn't be as willing to watch the movie's more explicit scenes in public.

Universal's marketing campaign addressed that issue by focusing on the romance over the sadomasochism, while also subtly suggesting there was more to see (if, of course, you bought a ticket). That strategy was more or less effective, though there's reason to believe a significant number of older book readers stayed away; specifically, Universal's exit polling indicated that 42 percent of the audience was under 25 years of age, which seems a bit high.

The success of Fifty Shades of Grey can also be attributed to a very smart scheduling decision. Originally, the movie was set to open in August 2014, but the start of production was delayed to the point where that date was no longer feasible. Instead of picking another fairly arbitrary date, Universal staked a claim to Valentine's Day. That move seems to have paid off, as the movie set a new Valentine's Day record with a massive $36.7 million (over 50 percent higher than the previous record). A chunk of that surely came from date night crowds; in general, men represented 32 percent of the Fifty Shades audience, which has to be significantly higher than the male share of book readers.
Weekend Report: 'Grey' Makes Green Over Valentine's Day Weekend - Box Office Mojo

In a somewhat surprising development, Fifty Shades of Grey is proving to be even more of a phenomenon internationally than it is in the U.S.

The movie earned a stunning $158 million from 58 markets this weekend. That's the second-biggest weekend ever for Universal Pictures International (behind Fast & Furious 6), and included their biggest single day ever (Valentine's Day at $55.1 million).

The movie set opening weekend records in 11 markets, including Italy ($9.1 million), Argentina and Poland. It also set a record for Universal Pictures in the U.K. ($21.1 million), France ($12 million), Russia ($10.5 million) and Brazil ($8.9 million). Other key markets include Germany ($15.2 million), Australia ($8.6 million), Mexico ($8.1 million) and Spain ($7.9 million).
Around-the-World Roundup: 'Fifty Shades' Opens to Massive $158 Million Overseas - Box Office Mojo

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