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Interesting quote from Bradley from a recent interview with Deadline (to promote his latest film American Sniper):
DEADLINE: First time I noticed you was in Wedding Crashers, and at the time I thought, there’s an actor who can play the prototypical bully like Johnny in Karate Kid or Biff in Back To The Future. Were you confident enough then, on that set with all those great actors, to think you were going to be able to show all these colors?
COOPER: You mean, did I know where I was going in my career? Oh, no. How could I know that? How could anybody? No, I was so over the moon, I mean, that was a huge get for me. You look at it one way and I completely understand that, you only know what you see. But I was coming from a TV show where I played the nicest guy, the unrequited love guy. I was going to all these auditions and they’d say, nah, he’s just too nice a guy. And then David Dobkin gave me a break, to play the heavy in this movie. To be in a comedy with Christopher Walken, and Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Vince Vaughn was like my hero, playing at the top of his game. The things they were doing every day. I went to work every day even when I wasn’t shooting, just to watch them work. I’d sit there, mesmerized, and feel lucky just to be there.

When it got time for me to get on the field with them, I knew I had to bring it, hard. And I remember feeling what it was like to get comfortable with them, feeling, OK, I’m supposed to be here. They say, OK, make up some story about one of your treks, what? You know, with the seal and the otter and then Owen’s sitting there looking at me and you can see it, he feels like, I know this Sack Lodge guy, this crazy sociopathic a**hole. I went to high school with guys like this. And then it just builds from there. You don’t know where it is going but it’s why you just never quit. Otherwise, I never would’ve been cast in American Sniper or Elephant Man. Two years ago if you said they’re casting Chris Kyle, no way are they thinking of me. John Merrick on Broadway? Wouldn’t happen. That has been my road this whole time. I don’t know anything else. I’ve been very, very lucky, but at the same time it’s never been like I felt like I could sit back and have this stuff just come to me. If you love something enough, go after it. I know there are plenty of people with that love and energy, and I just feel so lucky to have the opportunity to utilize it. I know guys I went to grad school with who are more talented that I am, who haven’t been able to sit in the trenches with Robert De Niro and explore and work on the scene in the attic of a house until we get it right. It’s insane to sit there with Clint Eastwood and talk about a shot and how we’re going to do it, or sit in the room with David O. Russell.
‘American Sniper’s Bradley Cooper On Eastwood, De Niro And David O Russell | Deadline
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