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guys, I'm gonna miss this place, all the memories, the friendships, the laughs, the panic attacks, the love, the... everything. This place was Lost for me, at least the last two seasons, and the people I met here remain some of my closest friends. It's sad that this place has to be closed but I guess it's the way it has to be I'm going to miss it even though I haven't been here since forever, just knowing that it was there made me feel better, that the plane where I lived those beautiful days was still there... *le sigh* But I do know that the friendships I made here will keep going strong. See you around the corners of the Internet Jaters *LOVES*

Cinzy, get your ass active on FB or I swear I will haunt you!


We say goodbye in the pouring rain and I break down as you walk away.
Stay, stay
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