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Board Closure: Goodbye White Collar

Hi everyone

After discussing everything with Natasha, we've come to the decision to close this board down on feb 8th

As we mentioned on the Possible Board Closure Discussion thread, our post counts but have been declining .Now the show is over..we have very few regular posters and as you know, rules require that we average at least 15 posts per day, to keep the board open.

So instead of having the board continue on mostly OT and game posts, we decided to go out under our own terms rather than be forced to close due to low post counts.

If you'd like to discuss the show and the actors work in the future, please feel free to threads on the Television and Celebrities boards a

We would like to thank all our posters who have made this board a wonderful place to post over the years Thanks for the memories and we'll see you around the boards.

Natasha and Meen

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