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Proof 'Parenthood's Lauren Graham Has Always Been One of TV's Best Criers

If there’s anything Parenthood’s taught its fans over the course of six seasons — you know, besides things like the importance of family and that anyone can open a school — it’s that Mae Whitman can cry. The actress, who plays Amber, has expertly sobbed her way through episode after episode, and whether it’s been over a brutal car accident, a painful breakup, or just a bad night at the Luncheonette, there’s never been a time in which Whitman’s perfect cry-face didn’t cause viewers to burst into tears of their own. Yet in Thursday’s episode, Amber’s weeping was, surprisingly, overshadowed by that of another Braverman — her own mother, Sarah.

As played by Lauren Graham, Sarah’s never a particularly emotional member of the TV family. Sure, she’s gotten choked up from time to time — because let’s be real, it’s practically Braverman policy to have a good cry at least once a year — but mostly, she’s stayed calm. So the moments in which she does let it out are special, both for their infrequency and the fact that Graham, next to Whitman, is one of the show’s best criers. It’s a skill she’s deployed on both Parenthood and Gilmore Girls, and without fail, her tears have led to some of the most impactful moments of her series.
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