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Tri I have an issue with Damon being deemed a hero by the writers when he's so clearly a douchenozzel. And Stefan has done his fair share of ahole things, but Elena just pisses me off the most. She's supposed to be the heroine of the show - the moral compass that the audience associates with and sees things through her. Instead I just want to smack her upside her moronic head. She is the cause for so much death and mayhem on the show, either directly or indirectly, and she never gets called out on the show. Caroline and Bonnie did it one time (after her mom died), but then nothing comes of it - she never changes. She is just a selfish twat that always whines and cries about everything when 96.8% of the time her own damn fault. Like the damn cure - you kill Kol and countless other vamps to get a cure you never even took thus leading to Silas escaping, Bonnie's death, the traveler's coming, Katherine dying, Tyler getting possessed and Stefan's death, Damon dying, Bonnie dying AGAIN, and not being able to return to a serial killer Kai on the loose. Everything leads back to Elena being a stupid twat...

Ugh...rant over.


I think the only similarities to Klaus that Enzo has his the sass and the accent, but like Tri said, the sass is a common thing among villains. Klaus, Silas, Damon, and Kai all have sassy attitudes.
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