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I've always been meh with Stefan. I never was eager to see his scenes or a storyline with him, but I didn't mind it. I really only cared about him when he was with Klaus or Caroline. It wasn't until like 2x03 that I actually enjoyed Stefan scenes and it was because he was being fun and light with Caroline.

Now he's pissing me off, though it's mostly the writers making Liz's illness about him and not about Liz and Caroline. It just makes me so angry that instead of focusing on the characters journey they're using this as a way to prop SC. I was always into SC as friends. I loved their scenes and sometimes enjoyed their "almost-romantic" scenes. Like Lexi making jokes or when they had that "moment" as the prom. It wasn't until they made SC Maroline 2.0 that it pissed me off. Now I just need Caroline away from Stefan...far away.

I wouldn't mind a Caroline/Enzo hookup. I like Enzo when he is around Caroline (and his scenes with Bonnie were great), but I'm annoyed with him now for his weird obsession with Stefan and his man-crush on Damon. I just am not here for an epic Caroline/Enzo romance...just no.
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