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Selfless❦Sacrificers [Stefan|Bonnie] #12: Because Stefan lied about killing Maggie to save Bonnie's life.

Stefan & Bonnie

[appreciation thread]

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“She doesn't know you. -
But when she does, she will love you.”

Because she thought he was hot at first sight.
Because she was following him around from far back the first time she saw him.
Because she read him.
Because Stefan cared of Bonnie liked him or not.
Because “She doesn't know you. But when she does, she will love you.”
Because he spoke very highly of Bennett witches
Because he won Bonnie over.
Because he snapped her out of her fire spell.
Because she asked him to keep her 'magical' secret.
Because he saved her life.
Because his blood now runs through her.
Because he understood Elena telling Bonnie about him being a vampire.
Because she's very grateful to Stefan.
Because he wanted to save her.
Because Grams trusted that he'll keep her safe.
Because he didn't want her to be afraid of him.
Because she put Ben on fire, and Stefan eventually killed him for good in fire.
Because many things fuel a witches power, and for Bonnie it was Stefan.
Because she couldn't just leave him in the tomb.
Because Stefan wanted to connect with Bonnie again when she returned [1x19].
Because he was hurt when she gave him the cold shoulder.
Because he wanted to find out why Bonnie wasn't happy to see him, so he listened in with his vampire hearing.
Because she saved Stefan from himself, using her power to snap him out of the bloodlust.
Because him going in the fire, is what made her help the Salvatores again.
025. Because they both hope it doesn't come down to them against each other.
Because Stefan was the one who persuaded Bonnie to made Caroline a daylight ring.
Because when she had a vision of Elena kissing Mason, she told Stefan.
Because "[Bonnie] So predictable, that's why I brought him [Stefan]."
Because when you need Bonnie's help, get Stefan.
Because Stefan was the one to get her to agree on the 'Kill Katherine' plan.
Because if Bonnie using her magic makes her end up dead, it's not an option for him.
Because they both hate Klaus.
Because he wanted her to be more careful.
Because Stefan was upset at Bonnie for telling Elena "their secret" plan.
Because her being dead wasn't an option for him.
Because he can hear her breathing.
Because he's the first vampire she invited into her home.
Because he's the first vampire she hugged.
Because he comforted her in her time of need.

Her Unspoken Hero

There were four times he saved her and countless times she saved him. She started a fire, and didn't know how to stop it, Stefan was right there to help her stop it. 2: Damon took an aim at Bonnie, biting her neck, drinking her blood. Stefan did not hesitate to jump in and save her life, feeding her his blood. :3 Her powers were gone because of fear, Grams knew & trust that Stefan would keep her safe, he found her in the tomb and helped her out. :4 Bonnie vs Katherine, which Katherine got the better of, Bonnie used her magic mojo to open the doors... and Stefan was right there viewing the scene. Katherine left, Bonnie and Stefan stare at each other.
:1 Stefan ran into the tomb, which would've kept him in their for eternally cause he heard Elena scream. Bonnie tried to run after him, but she was too late. She asked Grams to do a spell with her to free Stefan, she couldn't leave him in the tomb.
2: Bonnie saved Stefan from himself that one day, he was gone crazy from vampire blood lust, she used her witchy mindgrane to calm him, and it snapped him out of the vampire lust. 3:: Stefan went into the fire to save Damon, which made Bonnie perform her magic to save him.

• • •

“Bonnie... If you use that much power,
you'll be dead. We've already been through this. It's not an option.”

The Tortured Ones

thefuture suggestions titles

Because Bonnie's opinion of him, matters to him.
Because he wants Bonnie to see him in a good light.
"If you use that much power, you'll be dead. It's not an option."
Because Stefan may be the only vampire who can persuade Bonnie.
Because he was the one to help her use her magic, when fear was blocking it.
"I'm also grateful, to Stefan. He saved my life."
"Bonnie, I know you're in there, I can hear you breathing."
They're both the tortured ones, they can really lean on each other for comfort
Bonnie the anchor and Stefan with PTSD, they're always the ones that ends up hurt.
Because Stefan lied about killing Maggie to save Bonnie's life.
the past.
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