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Will Scarlet {Michael Socha} #2: "If you have someone you love enough to ruin your entire life for, it's always worth it."

Welcome to the 2nd
W I L L S C A R L E T ♥ M I C H A E L S O C H A
Appreciation Thread

c h a r a c t e r ♥ b i o g r a p h y
A former member of Robin Hood's band of Merry Men, Will Scarlet traveled across many lands to make his way to Storybrooke.
He finds himself intertwined in the goings-on in town for the first time as his mysterious past pushes him to an unknown future.

c h a r a c t e r ♥ b i o g r a p h y
(from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)

Somehow the roguish Knave of Hearts wound up in Storybrooke, Maine with the cursed inhabitants of The Enchanted Forest, and he had gotten fairly comfortable.
That is until The White Rabbit arrived, telling him that he had to help save Alice. Reluctantly, The Knave followed the Rabbit to Victorian England
to spring Alice from an asylum and to take her back to Wonderland. The Knave of Hearts isn't exactly beloved in Wonderland--there are plenty of people
who'd like to see him dead—but he grudgingly agrees that his debt to Alice is one he must repay..

Who the Bloody Hell is Will Scarlet? (A Wonderland Crash Course in 10 Parts)

t h e k n a v e o f h e a r t s & a l i c e

we're mates, good mates

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