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Oh no! You better get started. I have a few left, I'm waiting for some items to come in the mail otherwise to buy I have my mom (know what I'm getting her just have to buy it), my secret santa in my cousins exchange, a gender neutral gift for our gift exchange at my uncle's, and one friend who I'm getting cupcakes for so I won't be getting that until right before I give them to her.

No, we don't work at the same place, just happened to work the same hours, which is nice. Yep, we don't have any plans, we're just going to hang out after work.

I'm excited. It will be a good week. On Saturday I'm doing brunch with Brent and then on Sunday my family is going to this Christmas light festival that goes on every year. It's the first year we'll go to it, but it looks really cool. I'll take pics and show you.
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