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Did you have any Lost crack ships? Hurley and Kate, Kate and Sayid, Sun and Charlie, Desmond and Jack
Do you have any Breaking Bad crack ships? Marie and Jesse
Do you have any Shameless crack ships? Fiona and That guy who is always at Kevin's bar
Do you have any OB crack ships? Paul and Helena
Was the food drop officially the most random cockblock? Yes, it was.
Do you think Jimmy will be a new love interest for Sarah on OB? I hope not. She has that other guy.
Do you think Fiona will get back with Jimmy? Yes, but I don't know if I will like it.
What are your favorite horror movies? The Scream Franchise
What are your favorite comedies? Sister Act 2, Baby's Day Out, Mean Girls and Coming to America
What are your favorite foods? French Fries, lasagna, pizza, macaroni and shrimp
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