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I have a contact on facebook (shes not really a friend) who looks like Emma, to the point of distraction!

and she knows it too, I pointed it out on a seldom occasion that I came across her, she said:"people tell me I look like Emma Roberts"

Anyway shes not really a friend, Ive only seen her twice -ever, its almost like shes a figment of my imagination more than anything

If there is one thing she can do, she should get a job with a Russian Bride scam where she can sell her picture for lonely men who are looking for a Russian bride who will "Marry them and be their friend"

But no, seriously, I saw a couple of films with her in it, for the fact that she was in it and no other reason: Palo Alto (very good), The Art of Getting By (uneven, but has its good patches) and We're the Millers (its a comedy which she was a part of)

Whatever it is, shes got the potential to take the mantle of doing the same thing Scarlett Johansson did a decade ago, she showed on Palo Alto that she had the necessary eros and sensuality to pull it off

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