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Originally Posted by Jewelstone (View Post)
Perfect description of his hair. And Jeremy looks like he's wearing a wig that hasn't been washed in 6 months.
Thanks That's perfect description too What's wrong with guys this year?!?

Unfortunately, I feel like Luke's gonna die. The audience cares about him enough for it to have an emotional impact, but not so much that they'd quit the show, lol. And it'd give Liv and Tyler an excuse to grow even closer or even cause drama between them,.
Nooooo, don't say so

Originally Posted by Nightslave (View Post)
As predicted Luke gets his love interests offscreen
That's a pity, I wanted to discover which type is his

But the twins were cute, teasing each other And they are really afraid of their coven it seems and their father Looking forward to how that will play out.
I don't think they're afraid, probably just loyal to everyone inspite the fact they probably suffocate them
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