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Originally Posted by ILuvMyThesaurus (View Post)
I'm happy you liked the songs! You'll have to let me know which ones.

So you're the one who likes 'Charlie'... I knew one of my favorite Charloe writers preferred that. I like Charlotte best and use that in my stories, but when push-comes-to-shove, it really doesn't matter overmuch, especially when I read fanfic. He could call her 'Doug-the-Dragon' for all I care, I'm just greedy for Charloe stories. Although yes, I do have a preference for 'Charlotte'. It just sounds so damn sexy coming from him...that raspy voice...YUM!

I'm open to suggestions for Nicknames. I use AL personally but I don't particularly care what other people come up with. You know, as long as it's not offensive, haha. There's been AL, ILMT, Luv, Luvin, Thessie, etc. So you know, whatever works!

Well Paul McCartney for one. I've avoided him for some reason most of my life. I have yet to figure out why -- perhaps it's something psychological. Joni Mitchell. Bread was another. Of course I've heard of them, but I didn't know that much about them. I've never been a huge fan of 1970s music, likely colored by watching my parents dance to bad disco music right in front of me as a child (it kind of ruined the entire decade for me until recently), but as I've gotten older, I've tried to listen to more of it. I have always liked Carly Simon and Bad Company though, so that was fun. Nick Cave seemed interesting. The ABBA made me laugh, ha! What was nice, was there were several songs I've heard, but had forgotten about so it was lovely to tag them again for a listen later.

ETA: 'Liberty' by Olive might work better for a Charlie song. I'll see if I can come up with some others for her. You could add 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons for general Revolution songs.
Well, that's cool about the songs. The idea was to feature many different types of music to expand everyone's horizons, including my own. As far as 70s music, I have a different take on it than you. To me, it reminds me of childhood, so I guess it's really a nostalgia thing for me. And I have such eclectic tastes in music, so I'm sort of all over the board.

I am with you on the Charlie/Charlotte thing. In the city of Pittsburgh, and it's surrounding suburbs, we have a thing with nicknames. Everyone seems to shorten everyone else's name and if your name can't be shortened, we'll give you a nickname to me it's very much a close-knit thing. When he calls her's like he's a part of her inner circle. However, if they had hooked up he could have called her Bob and I would not have cared (I cracked up a few people at book club with a response similar to that in the weeks before you came ) But I think I'm in the minority and most people love Charlotte. I think the theory is...he's the only one to call her that. (I kind of played around with that in chapter 4 of a few comments on it too...hahaha)

And yeah, when I checked on the lyrics to Liberty, I did notice that seemed very much like it might be a Charlie song. I never thought about Radioactive, but I'll look at it again. And I have no idea how I missed No Light, No Light for Charloe as I rather love Florence and The Machine, but you are right. That is perfect Charloe. I love that Portishead song too, but I don't even know if I checked the lyrics when I was forming the list. VAST is interesting, and I honestly only know one song by them (Touched). And a few of the others; I'll let you know for sure.

And since you use AL, I'll probably stick to that....though Thessie is pretty great (have you been to Scotland...cause I never saw the monster when I was there ) I kind of keep quiet on my real name and kind of stick behind Ice, but sometime when I PM you, I'll actually introduce myself
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