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There's a new fan picture of Rob at the Chicago airport now posted on Robert Pattinson Life.

Here's the link. Robert Pattinson Life: New Fan Picture of Rob at Chicago Airport - October 28th - Your Kristen Stewart Fansite & Source: NEW 'Clouds of Sils Maria' Clip (+ 14 Gifs) - Your Kristen Stewart Fansite & Source: Kristen talks about Eddie Redmayne in his new Variety's October 28, 2014 issue

Robert Pattinson Life: New Interview of Rob with MovieFone - MTTS TIFF Promo

Robert Pattinson Life: New Rob Interview with Scene Creek - MTTS TIFF Promo

There are new pictures of Kristen in L.A. Here's the link,

Thanks to Sash for the link.
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