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Originally Posted by meen (View Post)
i dont understand it either

Matt should have won Emmy for TNH but yeah whatever
As much as I love Suits ( amazing show, it's a must see) but Gabriel and Patrick shouldn't have been nominated in best duo category well I love them together but I don't really see the bromance that Tim and Matt Have.

For the Emmy I don't agree and I'll explained below under the other comment.

Originally Posted by haycal (View Post)
I'm still absolutely gutted that Matt didn't win an Emmy for his incredible performance in TNH - he was so robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Hayley
He wasn't robbed, I'm so tired of hearing the same thing.

I love Matt Bomer and he's special and incredibly talented and his performance in TNH was outstanding but Martin Freeman deserved to win and deserved that Emmy, he's very very talenred, more famous and has a longer carrer ( Have you seen him in Sherlock? ) He won 15 awards and been nominted 32 times ( and came 2nd in the Constelllation Awards for best performance for his role in The hobbit) with a pending nomination for Best actor in The Crime Thriller Awards. I think it says it all.

Believe me I adore Matt and i'm fan of him more of Martin's but he didn't really has a chance to win against such a big deals as Martin, Alfred Molina and Joe Mantello. Awards are about talent, carrier and performance and and he just started his big screen tv career.

It's not because he looks like he's carved out of marble he should win everything

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