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Ok does anyone else love the music they keep playing when Esther is around? it started since 1x22 when she first appears in the graveyard? I love that damn creepy music.

Klaus you had some funny lines, JOMO was fantastic in this episode, the flashback with him and Esther broke my heart

Hayley if only you wouldn't act so butthurt towards Elijah for absolutely no reason, I would have been OK with you this episode cause you were trying to help and being decent and stuff.

Elijah, man you look handsome this season. You've been pretty useless so far tho... and I really don't give a crap about his relationship with Marcel or the new vampire chick but this might change, who knows.

Marcel... at least I'm not forwarding your scenes, that's good right?

Just realized Cami has been gone for two episodes, I guess that says a lot.

No Davina, Mikael, Kaleb/Kol or Josh this episode :/ sucks but at least we're sure we're gtting Davina/Mikael next week.

Esther, I cannot dislike her? I loved the flashbacks with Momma Mikaelson, I just wish we could get her back for good. I'm OK with her moving to a different body tho, cause girl playing Cassie wasn't that great to begin with.

Finn, well what a damn surprise. New Finn is acting all badass and I love it! The way he acted around Oliver/witch and then with Elijah and Klaus... he owned Elijah when he tried to attack him btw I kinda giggled.
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