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Originally Posted by Sjiles (View Post)
I know this is an unpopular opinion but I agree with Finn's anger.
He was daggered for 900 years and from this episode he didn't even know why. Klaus daggered him and the other siblings basically let him rot. If I was him I would not be loyal to my siblings either they don't deserve it. I think in Finn's mind the only family member that had his back was his mother which is probably why he picked her side.
It's not all that unpopular. I feel bad for Finn about being stuck in a box for 900 years. I feel bad for all the siblings that had time stolen from them. They had to endure some serious torment because Klaus wanted them daggered. Because he wanted them to stay with him and not being alone. He wanted the control over their lives and it wasn't fair to them. However I was never a fan of Finn so my sympathy for him only goes so far. I feel more for Rebekah and Kol because I love them more.
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