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Not sure how I felt about the was ok, but not great.

Klaus - Loved the speech to Esther at dinner. Dude you are too awesome for words. Just get better people around you and cut the dead weight - you'll be ok .

Elijah - I enjoyed your scenes with the vamp chick, but found them a bit irrelevant. The dinner scenes were great, but meh for everything else.

Hayley - Nice to see you starting to serve a purpose though annoyed and tired of the condescending comments about Elijah. Over the drama. Also please feel free to take Esther up on her offer...maybe you won't be Australian in the next body .

Marcel - Kinda just there being a weirdo shipper of Elijah and vamp chick . It was super creeper, but funny too.

Esther - Ugh lady you need to go drink a pina colada and get caught in the rain. Maybe a sexy man will help get that stick out of your arse.

Finn - I am so unbelievably shocked that you have a personality . I mean it's a dick, but it's nice seeing that you aren't just a self-loathing loser. Not sure why you revealed that Kol was back too since it kinda defeats the purpose of a surprise. I do feel bad about you being stuck in the box for 900 years, but it's time to move on and get therapy for your mommy issues.

Flashbacks - Loved them, but also solidified that I miss Original Mamma and also Esther sucks. And Finn was a jealous tool back in his teen years too.

Josh/Davina/Koleb - Why you no here ?!

Camille - Stay gone.

Overall my thoughts on the episode:

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