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~ Kindred Spirits{CღS|Hook♥Emma}#101:"She is on the Jolly Roger with Hook, who she definitely has a connection to"-JMo
~ CaptainღSwan {H♥E} #102:"They definitely have a connection. They see an element of themselves in each other"-Colin
~ CaptainღSwan {H♥E} #103:"She definitely is a kindred spirit with in terms of their troubled past..."-JMo
~ CaptainღSwan{H♥E}#104:“They have alot in common in terms of their past&backgrounds as far as being survivors"-JMo
~ CaptainღSwan{H♥E}#105:"They DO have a connection, Hook&Emma you know as you saw&when theyre up the beanstalk"-Colin
~ CaptainღSwan{H♥E}#106:”There’s a definite, u can see there’s a definite connection…she says it”-Colin 2x22
~ CaptainღSwan{H♥E}#107:”Hook is with Emma on the pirate ship,so there's definitely going to be the push & pull"-JMo
~ CaptainღSwan{H♥E}#108:"Theyre both kind of lost,sees in Emma that lostoflove there&they recognise that in eachother"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #109: "The most tweeted question… Emma and Hook" - D23 Expo
~ Kindred Spirits{CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma}#110: I understand you. You understand me. Thats the place where we can start
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #111: Pick apart the pieces of your heart & let me peer inside... Let me in
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #112: “He has set his sights on her” - Eddy Kitsis on Hook & Emma
~ KindredSpirits{CღS|Hook♥Emma}#113:"Actually, i quite fancy u from time to time,when you're not yelling at me"-Hook
~ CaptainღSwan{Hook♥Emma}#114:"Ive never known u to need to get ready for a fight,i thought it was a natural state"-H
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #115: "awwww Hook looked relieved that i didn't die! thanks" - JMo's tweet
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma}#116:"Just who are you, Swan?... Wouldnt u like to know... Perhaps i would"
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma} #117: Because he's the only one that knew whom she truly was when no one else did
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #118: "Excellent show of patience, love" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits{CღS|Hook♥Emma}#119:"u think its the best plan because your 'boyfriend' came up with it"-Regina
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #120: "... My boyfriend? Hook? " - Emma
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #121:"He kind of continues to surprise her by coming through,by truly being supportive"-JMo
~ CaptainღSwan{Hook♥Emma}#122:"Their chemistry is electric,no matter how hard Emma tries 2 fight it"-Adam&Eddy EOnline
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #123: "You're here for Emma" - Charming
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma} #124: "Please, u couldnt handle it.... Perhaps you're the one who couldnt handle it"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #125: "As You Wish" - Hook
~ CaptainღSwan {H♥E} #126:"It (kiss) definitely reflects what they see in eachother&how they feel abt eachother"-Colin
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #127: "...Until I Met You" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #128: "I kissed Hook" .... "I kissed Emma"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #129: "It’s what the kiss exposed" - Hook
~ CaptainღSwan{H♥E}#130:"I never thought I’d be capable of letting go of my 1stlove,To believe tht I could find some1 else.That is until i met u"
~ CaptainღSwan{H♥E}#131:"When I win your heart, Emma...& I will win it, it will not be because of any trickery,it will be because you want me"
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #132: "...And you will (get Henry back)... you think so?... i have yet to see you fail"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #133: "And when you do succeed... well, that's when the fun begins" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #134: "I think it means she's finally starting to see me for the man i am... A man of honor" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #135: "Hook's really taken her by surprise in positive ways, over and over again" - Jennifer Morrison
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #136: "Hook has stepped up and is present in selflessly offering his help" - Jennifer Morrison
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #137: "You have... a pirate who pines for you" - Regina
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #138: "...As you wish, m'lady" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #139: "Wait, were you two...?" "What, no!" "Perhaps..."
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #140: "I'm in this for the long haul" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #141: “That’s quite the vessel you CAPTAIN there, SWAN" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #142: "There's not a day will go by i won't think of you" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #143: "Good" - Emma
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #144: “I know why you risked your life back there... it was for Emma” - Tink
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #145: "Swan... At Last" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #146: "I know you can't remember me, but i can make you" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #147: "... I had to try, I was hoping you felt as I did" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #148:"What I've always said about Hook & Emma is that they are kindred spirits"-Jen
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #149: "They're survivors, Emma is a pirate in her own way" - Jen
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #150: 'You must know... surely, you must know it was all for you'
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #151: You're my silver lining you make the light come through ♥
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #152: When I look at what my life's been coming to, I'm all about loving you ♥
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #153: When u find that one person who connects u to the world, u become someone different, someone better
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #154: I have never known anyone who actually believed that I was enough until I met you
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #155: Let me in the walls you've built around, and we can light a match and burn them down ♥
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #156: If the days wont allow us to see eachother, memories will & if my eyes cant see you, my heart will never forget you
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #157: And everyday i'm learning about you, the things that no one else sees ♥
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #158: "Open your heart to love. It's so worth the risk, even if you get hurt. You'll know you tried"- Snow 3x06
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #159: "Hook has proven himself to be someone who’s helping and has truly changed" - Jennifer Morrison
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #160: Though there's distance and there's silence, your words have never left me ♥
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #161: "I know you better than you know yourself" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #162: "I came back to save you" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #163: "Hook found me" - Emma
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #164: "What do you say, love? Take a leap of faith" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #165: "If it can be broken, it means it still works" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #166: “I’d say, to try to romance Emma, you’d need a hook of steel.” - Adam Horowitz
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #167: "You really know how to charm a girl, dont you" - Emma
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #168: "Hook has very much put his feelings on the table there for Emma, to sort of take&do with however she wants"-Colin
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #169:"Do u really want to live a life of lies? Trust your gut, Swan, it will tell u what to do"-Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #170: Endlessly, For you I'll always wait ♥
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #171: "I swear on Emma Swan" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #172: "This woman that broke your heart... do you still love her?" .... "Yes"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #173: "I trust him" - Emma
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #174:"Magic is a part of u, Swan. I saw the power inside of u. Its about time u embraced it. Its what makes u the savior"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #175: "He's been good for her... He’s being a real positive force in her life” - Jen on VH1BuzzLive
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #176: "Killian, come back to me" - Emma
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #177: Believe that a pirate can bring a lost girl home
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #178: "Prince Charles and Princess Leia"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #179: "and all it took was meeting the right person and everything changed" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #180: "I’d go to the end of the world for her… or time" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #181: "I know how you kiss... I'd have gone after her" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #182: "We're just two ships passing in the night, then?" ... "Passing closely, i hope"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #183: "I always knew there was a little pirate in you, Swan" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #184:"Its called a waltz... there's only one rule; pick a partner who knows what he's doing" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #185: "You get my first dance at my first royal ball" - Emma
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #186: "You might not be able to move, Swan, but you cut quite the figure in that dress" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #187: "A woman as beautiful as you deserves my full, and prompt attention" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #188: "Now I’m working on Once and my sort of boyfriend is called The Captain. Captain Hook" ~ JMO
~ {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma}#189:“We ended S3 with Emma really choosing to be vulnerable with Hook.That was really shown in their first real kiss"
~ {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #190: “ was coming from a place of feeling that she understood that he’d made such a huge sacrifice for her"
~ {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #191: "They're like two kids on a playground. They kick each other but they do it because they like each other" - Jen
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #192: "There's definitely... passion" - Jen "There's passion for definite" - Colin [TVLine : ComicCon]
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #193: "That was their first real kiss" -Jen "That was like a first real proper kiss" -Colin [ComicCon]
~ CaptainღSwan{H♥E}#194:"I do think Emma&Hook have a really deep connection,that i dont think either of them fully understand or can explain"-Colin
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #195: "I cant imagine something more romantic for him to have done & sacrifice for her" - Jen about TheJollyRoger
~ CaptainღSwan {H♥E}#196:"She sort of captured his heart & u never really know who u can fall in love w/ until its there that took Hook by surprise"
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #197: "Both Emma & Hook have fears and concerns about their relationship but they're also superconnected" - Jen
~ CaptainღSwan #198:"One of the great things abt the relationship between Emma&Hook, is that he understands her talents&understands her emotions alot"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #199: "Be Patient" - Emma
~ {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #200 : 200 threads of kisses, deep connection, transcending realms, adventures and home
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