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Hm for some reason I had missed this. No idea why. Let's see top 3.

1. Well the moment when Ephram encouraged Andy to propose to Nina. Thinking how it all started and how much Ephram and Andy couldn't get going and then having this moment where those two are so in sync with each other. You just know that the wait was worth it. You know that what they've been trough in the series was worth it. It was really good ending for them.
2. I personally love the moment in Season 1 when Andy told Ephram that Julia was the one that cheated. Ephram was so disappointed and Andy found the right words to tell him that she is still his mother and he should have this good memory of her. It showed me that they have the potential to be great with each other.
3. The end of Season 1 when Andy told him how he and Julia met each other. It was lovely moment that showed why Andy and Julia decided to get married and be a family. And I like how Ephram knew why. This is also the moment when Andy told Ephram why they moved to Everwood and when Ephram asked him why he didn't tell him sooner Andy said that it wasn't supposed to be easy. It was a really honest conversation between them.
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