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Originally Posted by eternal◘fate (View Post)

Yup he sure does know him well. I guess he could tell by Damon reactions and stuff like that! ... although up to the current point of the books I think Damon has to be aware of his feelings but he just kind of don't want to say something. They did always have this unspoken bond, and things with them just kind of happen. They know they care about each other, and they'll always be there for each other and I think that's good enough for Damon now... it's tougher for Bonnie cause she thinks revealing her feelings to Damon would be betraying towards Elena.

Although Elena's got Stefan, so she's just going to have to deal with it.

Guess my quotes are helping.

I agree, that's just how he is... I guess in both versions [book/tv].
It will be hard for Stefan not to know Damon after all those years.And he sees better than Damon,that his brother does have a deep connection with Bonnie,and he's somehow afraid to go any deeper than his instincts.After all Damon is an impulsive type,and that may be why he dosen't go for reason when the situtation ask for it.

Bonnie is still young and cares about others POV,I hope that will change somehow since she keeps putting herslef in the second place for the sake of friendship...

Tia I think I'll surrender for tonight,it's 5:30 AM here,and my bed feels like a very tempting comfortable way to go.

I had a great time chatting today,and can't wait to do it agian soon!

Till next time.Good night Tia!
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