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I know!!! I think Damon feels the same... he just isn't opening up... I think him cheating on her with Elena speaks volumes... that Bonnie quote was before the whole cheating thing though.

Stefan 'the book Bamon' fanboy quote here...

"Secondly, you didn't kill the one and only girl you love in all the worlds."

"Neither did you", Damon said automatically. "Or else we both did—a little. I put her into a sort of coma, and it sounds as if you did, too."

"That's not what I mean. I said the one and only girl in all the worlds."

Damon opened his mouth to snarl, "And now you're going to judge how much I love Elena?"
when suddenly he stopped, frozen. He saw quite clearly the picture that Stefan was projecting of wide brown eyes in a heart-shaped face and tumbled strawberry curls, and he felt all the defensive fury of being trapped in the wrong."

I love that Stefan knows how much Damon loved Bonnie.
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