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Ephram/Andy Thread #3: Because they found each other in Everwood...

He Came To Everwood To Find His Son

Andy: What are you doing in here?
Ephram: What does one normally do in the laundry room? I’ll give you one guess.
Andy: Since when do you do your own laundry?
Ephram: I spilled something on my sheets.
Andy: What did you spill?
Ephram: I-I.. Chocolate milk.
Andy: When did we get chocolate milk?
Ephram: Look, I don’t know. Alright? Would you stop asking me questions?!
(Ephram storms out. Andy talks after him)
Andy: I’m making pancakes. You want some?
Ephram! Go to hell!
Andy (mumbles to himself): That’s my boy.

Andy: You're still up?
[Ephram takes out the earphones from his ears.]
Ephram: Oh, I'm burning some songs for my trip.
[Andy picks up a CD.]
Andy: Summer of Freedom Mix 2004? Can't you be excited about going to New York without offending me?
~The Day is Done, season 2

Andy[to Ephram]: Now, if you choose not to respond to my parental authority, I should warn you, I have mind altering drugs in the other room and I'm not afraid to use them.
~Colin the Second, season 1

[Ephram walks toward Dr. Brown who is walking to meet him on the sidewalk. Dr. Brown gives Ephram a huge bear hug.]
Andy: Oh, come here.
Ephram: Uh, alright, Dad. Air.
Andy: God, you look older.
Ephram: I am older. Eight weeks older. My wrinkles are starting to show.
~…For Every Action, season 3

Andy: (CONT'D) So what’s the official word? Have we satisfied our mandatory cooling off period or are we still fighting?
Ephram: I don’t care. You decide.
[Andy pulls a chair closer to the bed and sits in it.]
Andy: So let’s have some specifics.
EPHRAM: You can put that chair right back where you found it. We’re not doing this right now.
Andy: So first day of school - excited?
Ephram: Dancing inside.
Andy: Y’know, I was thinking about last night after our warm and fuzzy makeup
session that we- we never really talked about how your summer went.
~ …There’s a Reaction, season 3

Andy: You could never disappoint me, Ephram.
~…There Is A Reaction, season 3

Andy: Doing a lot of laundry these days.
Ephram: You wanna charge me?
Andy: I was once a happy sack of hormones myself.
Ephram: Gross. Find another sack to share with.
~Friendly Fire, Season 1

[Cut to the woods at night. Ephram is trying to light a fire.]
DR. BROWN: You know, if you shield it from the wind...
EPHRAM: Don't! You are forbidden from dispensing advice on anything, ever! You're fired!
[He manages to light it and puts it into the stack of wood but it quickly goes out.]
DR. BROWN: If you just put a piece of...
EPHRAM: ...Fired!
DR. BROWN: Fine. You drive.
EPHRAM: Come on. Come on.
[This match lights but goes out just as quick.]
[Ephram gives up, exhausted, then remembers the flare gun. He reaches for it and shoots it straight at the fire. The procedure works. Ephram looks pleased with himself.]
DR. BROWN: That's one way of doing it.
~Deer God, Season 1

Ephram: You never did any of that stuff with me.
Andy: Ok, how about you and I join the Everwood's Mens Chorus together.
Ephram: I don't need to bond that bad.
~Family Dynamics

Andy: So here's a question... If sperm gets thrown into a forest and no one hears it-- Ephram: Dad.
Andy: Oh come on, that was funny. Let me try another one on ya... Having done what we just did, did we commit spermicide?
Ephram: Dad!
Andy: What? This is fun stuff.

~Shippers List~


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