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Jake & Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) #6 - "I think the world of you. As a colleague and friend." "Shut up, Peralta."


Jake Peralta & Amy Santiago
Appreciation Thread

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honorary shippers
01. Charles Boyle

• Because they always tease each other
• Because he thinks she looks great
• Because he thinks the world of her as a colleague and friend
• Because he got her date with handsome Luke back
• Because they hate door duty and love stakeouts
• Because he dressed up for Thanksgiving
• Because she thinks he looks beautiful
• Because he thinks she looks like every girl at every bat mitzvah he ever had a crush on
• Because he was searching for "cheapest date possible" but spent $1,400 on the worst date with her
• Because somewhere down deep, he "likes her" likes her, kindergarten style
• Because he put a lot of effort into a joke
• Because she does know him
• Because he turned down the relief team and was curious to see what happens
• Because their date goes on the good date list
• Because their victory over the vulture was the greatest day in human history
• Because he wanted to remind her how much she loved working cases so she wouldn't leave her job
• Because his job sucks a little less when he gets to do it with her
• Because he thinks she's a great detective
• Because they know a lot of things about each other
• Because Boyle saw there was a spark and he is their biggest shipper
• Because he was convincing himself she was like a sister
• Because he was jealous of Teddy and was curious what she saw in him
• Because she remembered Vic Kovac's backstory
• Because he set the course record to impress her
• Because he wanted to ask her out
• Because she doesn't know if she's gonna spend her life with Teddy
• Because she stood up to Holt and supported Jake
• Because he thinks she looks like a mermaid
• Because they had fun dancing
• Because he wanted to give her all of his open cases
• Because he wishes something would happen between them, romantic stylez

• Fuzzy Cuddle Bear
• Door Duty
• Mlepnos
• Stakeouts
• Nightingale Strangler
• Butthead
• Handsome Luke
• Nicknames
• Sex Tapes
• 15 Books
• Pineapples
• Drunk Texts
• Weird Butt
• Blind Cop
• Soul Patch
• Santiago Style
• $1 Ring
• Jenny Gildenhorn
• Shipper Boyle
• Steerage Jig
• Rooftop
• Peanuts
• Relief Team
• Good Date List
• Stripper
• Framed Photo
• A Little OCD
• Peralta Guarantee
• Iago
• Dumpster
• Recommendation Letter
• Holt's Bathroom
• Fart Monster
• Sexy Voice
• 10-69
• Vic Kovac
• Course Record
• Lipstick
• Berkshires
• Good Brusher
• Mermaid
• Ballroom
• Open Cases
• Romantic Stylez
• Joe Uterus
• That Was Real
• Amy Jr.
• Sexy Bad Boy
• Pocket Donut


wishlist (jake & amy bingo)
• Amy getting mad at Jake when he comes back/punching him
• Jake and Amy saying they missed each other while Jake was undercover
• Amy awkwardly trying to hide her feelings for Jake
• Amy being jealous
• Charles "truth bombing" Amy about Jake
• Jake calling Amy pretty/beautiful and then never admitting he actually did it
• Amy calling Jake hot/attractive
• Jake bumbling around Amy because of what she does to him
• Going undercover/pretending to be married
• Checking into a crappy motel
• Being handcuffed together
• Acknowledging their feelings
• Having a proper date, with Jake actually asking her out
• Having pre-date jitters
• Hug
• Kiss
• Sex
• Boyle getting crazy excited about them being together
• Jake being obsessed with Amy's butt or other part of her body
• Going to an event/party as a couple and wearing fancy clothes
• Slow dancing
• Jake having a scruff/wearing glasses
• Breakfast in bed
• Amy wearing Jake's shirt
• Making out at the police station
• Making a sex tape
• Funny nicknames/sweet nicknames
• Double date with Holt and Kevin
• Jake cooking for Amy/Amy cooking for Jake
• Cooking together/food fight
• Jake meeting Amy's brothers/her brothers being protective and intimidating Jake
• Jake meeting Amy's parents
• Amy meeting Jake's mom
• Amy helping Jake through a hard time when his dad is back
• Jake smirking at one of Amy's neurotic ramblings and kissing her because she's so adorable that he can't help himself
• Babysitting Terry's girls
• Holt and/or Gina giving them romantic advices
• Jake taking care of a drunk Amy
• Jake taking care of a sick Amy
• Having a pet pig
• Binge-watching cop shows/movies together and then falling asleep on the couch
• On the rooftop again/remembering their "worst date"
• Flashbacks to how they met/first day in the precinct
• Jake putting a lot of effort into proposing (candles, flowers, music, etc.)
• Amy's bachelorette party
• Boyle being their wedding planner
• Catching a murderer/thief during their honyemoon
• Fuzzy Cuddle Bear making his comeback
• Fuzzy Cuddle Bear being their child's favorite toy
• Jake and Amy cheering for their kid at a sports game

scene of the moment


A: That man is gonna be my rabbi.
J: When you use the word "rabbi" you know that turns me on and that's unfair in the work environment.

A: I say piss off Holt, so we get to watch your career end right in front of us.
J: I'm gonna put you down for "Don't arrest" and I'm also going to put your phone number on every urinal in Rikers.

A: Peralta was the one that was talking.
J: God, you must have been the worst fourth grader ever.
A: Joke's on you. I skipped fourth grade.

A: You can't give up control, you're terrible at taking your primary's orders, you just do whatever you want. I could go on and on and on.
J: Is something no lover of yours has ever said.

J: Give me your hair-dryer.
A: What?
J: Don't you carry one in your purse?
A: Have you ever met a human woman?

A: Halloween is the worst. All the girls think they have to dress sexy.
J: I know, that is the worst. Please make them stop.

A: Can you magically make everyone kind, sober and fully dressed?
J: "Kind, sober and fully dressed". Good news, everyone, we found the name of Santiago's sex tape.

A: I'm sorry about tonight.
J: "I'm sorry about tonight." We found the title for Santiago's follow-up sex tape.
A: It's not your fault. I was terrible.
J: "It's not your fault, I was terrible" is also one of your sex tapes.
A: Halloween is unbearable. But it was slighly less unbearable with you... Don't!
J: Okay.

J: This is killing me.
A: Good. Die.

A: I have to practice my toast.
J: God, how long is that?
A: Eight pages.
J: Single-spaced?
A: Double-sided.
J: Santiago style.

A: You look happy. Let me guess. Your egg sandwich fell on the floor and they gave it to you for free.
J: No. Can you do that? Why doesn't everyone just drop their sandwiches on the floor?
A: I was trying to insult you.
J: And instead you gave me an amazing life hack.

J: I guess that's you new best friend Santiago. Emphasis on "Iago", backstabber.
A: I'm surprised you've read Othello.
J: What the hell's Othello? I'm calling you the parrot from Alladin.

A: I'm always incredibly appropriate. In High School I was voted "most appropriate".
J: Ooh, self burn. Those are rare.

A: I take back what I said about you being immature.
J: Apology accepted, fart monster.

J: I love guns. I'm gonna make such a good dad.
A: Not even gonna touch that.
J: The Amy Santiago story.

A: I'm horrible at this. When can we stop?
J: I'm horrible at this...
A: I know, I know. Title of my sex tape.
J: Well done. Title of my sex tape.

jake & amy fan videos
jake & amy fanmixes

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