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Originally Posted by JJH85 (View Post)
I agree with you on that. Plus part of Pacey and Joey's chemistry is their fighting/banter. They have done it for years, so just because love comes into play doesn't mean they should change that about their relationship. I thought it made things interesting and their fights had purpose for the most part and helped them understand each other which ultimately made the grow closer because of it.
I don't agree. they fought constantly about dawson. that's boring. I think pacey and andie had a better understanding than Pjo ever did. you can ship who you want to ship, but I think pacey can do better. is there any episode they didn't fight? and I'm sorry but I just don't see the appeal of PJo. their fighting about her ex constantly. pacey kept bringing up dawson into every argument. fighting constantly in general is boring for me.
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