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~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #1: "As in Captain Hook?" "Ah! So you've heard of me"
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #2 ~ : Because she isn't taking her eyes off him for a second and he would despair if she did
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #3 ~ : "Is there hope for Hook/Emma?" "I don't see why not." - Jane Espenson
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #4 ~ : "They're kindred spirits." ♥ "They have a mutual respect." - Jennifer&Colin
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #5 ~ : "Normally, I prefer to do other more enjoyable activities with a woman on her back." - Hook
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #6: "She's met her match in him" - Jennifer Morrison
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #7: "You would've done the same." - Emma "Actually no." - Hook
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #8: Because she's his 'bean' - a symbol of something magical & full of hope
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #9: "they definitely sort of have a connection." - Colin
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #10: Because with him "[she] is something of an open book."
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #11: Because Hook & Emma did help bring Hottest Sexual Tension of 2012 home for OUaT" - Buzzsugar
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #12: Because love has been all too rare their lives
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #13: Because he chose her
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #14: "I think they both enjoy the banter that they have with each other." - Colin
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #15: "Even though she pretends not to enjoy their banter, he definitely does." - Colin
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #16: "Come. Everything we need is right in front of us." - Hook
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #17: Because maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #18: Because they share similar scars and they could heal each other
~ Captain Swan {Hook/Emma} #19: Because she could be the light to his dark world
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #20: "Hey, beautiful." - Hook
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #21: "You look good, I must say." - Hook
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #22: "Hide him! Find a room & hide him" - Emma
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook♥Emma} #23: "Or is there another attachment you'd prefer?" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #24: "They can see elements of themselves in the other person." - Colin
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #25: I come to you in pieces, so you can make me whole
~ KindredSpirits{CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma}#26:They were from different worlds, different times, & yet they were the same
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones ♥ Emma Swan} #27: "I was hoping it'd be you" - Hook
~ CaptainღSwan {Hook ♥ Emma} #28: "She has a big personality & an iron will which can only seduce him" - Colin
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #29: "I see where your daughter got her gumption." - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #30: "If you were here beside me, instead of in New York..."
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #31: Because he thinks she is "bloody brilliant! Amazing!"
~ KindredSpirits{CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma}#32: And the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma}#33: There is desire in the perfect, beauty in the imperfect
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma}#34: "We're not broken just bent and we can learn to love again."
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #35: Because they are both adept at finding......
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #36: Because they are Wounded Souls
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #37: Because even ABC knows they are 'Timeless'
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #38: "Try something new, darling. It's called trust." - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #39: Because he thinks she will make a hell of a pirate
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #40: Because he is her "little flame of hope."
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #41: "From Timeless to 'Epic' 'Feels'! - ABC
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #42: "He reminds her of herself." — Jennifer Morrison
~ KindredSpirits{Hook♥Emma}#43:"She sees a lot of her own pain & loss in him, Inevitably, there is a draw to that."- JMo
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones ♥ Emma Swan} #44: Because he will find her in Manhattan...
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #45: "There’s an undeniable connection between them" - Jennifer
~ {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #46:"There’s always been a connection, some kind of “kindred spirit” element" - JMo
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #47: We’re the same. Fierce spirits with lonely hearts
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones ♥ Emma Swan} #48: Because Hook is her "Stab Happy Pirate"
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma} #49:"There IS this spark there, & I think we are aware of that spark."-JaneEspenson
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones ♥ Emma Swan} #50: A Hook & A Swan, make two halves of a Heart
~ Kindred Spirits{CღS|Hook♥Emma Swan}#51: "She’s drawn to him & at least feels connected to him in that way" - JMo
~ KindredSpirits{CღS|H♥E} #52:“Hook may be a worthy adversary, but[Emma]is just as worthy right back at him”-AdamH
~ KindredSpirits{CღS|Hook ♥Emma} #53: Because "you never forget your first." ~ Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #54: 'He could be right for her. We'll have to see' - AdamH
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma} #55:Because Emma is "really into this" tying-Hook-up-thing
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma}#56: He will do whatever it takes to survive, the same way Emma has in her past - JMo
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma} #57: "So there's that camaraderie & also the combativeness of that right away" - JMo
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones ♥ Emma Swan} #58: "You Bested Me" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones ♥ Emma Swan} #59: Because he thinks she is a tough lass
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma} #60: "Emma’s definitely intrigued by Hook, he is a kindred spirit for sure" - JMo
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #61: "Who was it who bested you?" - "The Swan Girl, Emma"
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #62: "You chose her, and the consequences of that decision."
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #63: "You're afraid to talk, to reveal yourself, to trust me" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #64: Bcoz Hook&Emma are in EW's Top 10 Couples they're shipping right now.
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #65: "I know how to handle Emma’s” - Colin O’Donoghue
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #66: Because "Actually No" he would not have abandoned her.
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #67: Because the letters ES were on the truck & Hook was in the truck.
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #68: Because this world has been nothing but cruel to both of them.
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #69: Because they dont stop till they find what they're looking for.
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #70: Because the one thing they both excel at is surviving in life
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #71: Because they paralleled each other in how they faced&fought Maleficent
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #72: Because we're sure there was another reason he kept the cuff
~ Kindred Spirits{CღS|Hook♥Emma}#73: No-one understands me quite like you do, Through all of the shadowy corners of me
~ Kindred Spirits{CღS|Hook♥Emma}#74: Because they're meeting again and we can't wait to see the sparks fly
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma}#75: Whenever your world starts crashing down, that’s where you'll find me
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #76: "You and I, we understand each other" - Emma
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma}#77: He chose to come back, to be part of something, he chose because of her
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones ♥ Emma Swan} #78: "Quite Passionate, Swan" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan}#79: "You can join us & be a part of something" - Emma
~ Kindred Spirits{CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma}#80:I've found a reason for me to change who I used to be & the reason is you
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #81: "... Maybe I just needed reminding that I could" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma} #82: Its been a long time since someone looked at me that way, its like you knew me
~ Kindred Spirits{CღS|Hook♥Emma}#83:I was lost as a person could be&u saw something in me that gave me direction again
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #84: Only something in me understands the voice of your eyes
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #85: Something always brings me back to you, it never takes too long
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #86: ...Then you came along, and helped me believe in myself again
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #87: Because he offered his ship & his services to help find her son.
~ Kindred Spirits{CღS|Hook♥Emma}#88: Cause you're a hard soul to save with an ocean in the way, but I'll get around it
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones ♥ Emma Swan} #89: You became the light on the dark side of me.
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #90: Because Hook & Emma are each other’s ‘flame of hope’.
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Killian 'Hook' Jones ♥ Emma Swan} #91: Two scattered souls in a scattered world.
~ Kindred Spirits {CღS|Hook♥Emma} #92: We know by now to say enough, with only simple words, with only subtle turns
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #93: Because they had their eyes on each other since the moment they met...
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #94: You make sense of who I am... like puzzle pieces in your eye
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan | Hook♥Emma} #95: It's like you're my mirror... My mirror staring back at me
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Killian 'Hook' Jones♥Emma Swan} #96: "I think we make quite the team" - Hook
~ Kindred Spirits{CღS|H♥E}#97:“Its at that point we c these two really work well together,they make a good team"-AH
~ Kindred Spirits {CaptainღSwan|Hook♥Emma} #98: Because we can't wait to see them "make quite the team" in Neverland!
~ KindredSpirits{CღS|H♥E}#99:"Colin is a gentleman in real life&Colin is a spicy gentleman in his leather jacket"-JMo
~ {CaptainღSwan} Hook♥Emma #100: 100 threads of Beans, Beanstalk, Swordfighting, Handcuffs, Innuendos, Kindreds & Hope
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